CHJA Rule Change Proposals for 2018

CHJA Rule Change Proposals for 2018

The following Rule Change Proposals will be considered by the CHJA Board of Directors at the October 23, 2017 meeting which will be held at 7:00 pm at the Doubletree Hotel I-70 and Quebec. Please contact Carol O’Meara at CLICK HERE or 303 779 4963 with any questions, comments, or concerns about the proposals.


Rule 4.6 EMT

Add a sentence to read:
Any rider falling from his horse must be determined medically fit to ride by the Show EMT before the rider may remount at that show.


Rule 7 Rider Eligibility

Add a sentence to read:
Riders must provide government-approved proof of age upon request of the Member Support Manager.

Rule 11.3 Medal Class Specifications

New sentence before 11.3 A
At least three riders must complete the entire course for qualifying points to count in all medal classes. Riders competing in the class but not completing the course are not counted in the three.

Rule 12.6 CHJA Medal Finals Qualifications

Change the statement in bold to read: number of entries completing the class, not to include entries who compete but do not complete.
Add a sentence after “Once 25 or more points have been accumulated, riders may not participate in that medal class for the remainder of the current year.” to read: Riders who continue to participate in a medal class after accumulating 25 points in that medal class will not be eligible for Medal Finals.
Rule 12.6 CHJA Medal Finals Qualifications:
Add a paragraph to read:
Stirrup Medal Class at CHJA Medal Finals
In order to ride in the Stirrup Medal Class at Medal Finals, a rider must have competed in a Stirrup Medal at a minimum or two horse shows during the Medal Qualifications Period.

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