CHJA Board Adopts Rule Changes for 2017

CHJA Board Adopts Rule Changes for 2017

The CHJA Board of Directors adopted several rule changes for 2017 at their October 25 meeting. Changes are summarized here, and the complete 2017 Rule Book has been posted on the CHJA Web Site. Changes and clarifications were made as follows:
Shows may now be CHJA approved in locations in any of the Zone 8 States (Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah) and in states contiguous to Zone 8 (California, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming). Show Application rules and procedures are the same for all shows.
USEF Rule GR 1316 Accidents Involving Competitors ,aka “the concussion rule”, will be enforced at all CHJA Approved Shows.
Classes of 12 or more may be spilt at the discretion of Show Management.
The Duplication of Year End Awards Rule does not apply to the Special Year End Awards.
Divisions will no longer be combined for Year End Awards if there are less than three recorded horses in the smallest sections.
CHJA Pony Hunter, Equitation, and Medal fence heights with be 2’ for Smalls, 2’3” for Mediums, and 2’6” for Larges.
Short, Long, and Rusty Stirrup Equitation at Group I shows will become Year End Award Divisions.
“No Oxers” will be added to t he specs for all Stirrup Classes.
Beginner Equitation riders may not cross enter into any classes 3’ or higher at the same show.
Stirrup Equitation riders may not cross enter into any other CHJA Classes or Divisions at the same show except Stirrup Hunters, Under Saddle and Flat Classes, and Stirrup Medals.
Stirrup Medals riders will continue to accumulate points toward a year end award. The Stirrup Medal Class will continue to be offered at Medal Finals, but will not become a Medal Final.
Please contact Carol O’Meara (email or 303-779-4963) with questions about any of the Rule Changes.

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