ARTICLE IX. Committees


Committees may be created by the Board to serve specific purposes. Committee members and chairman may be non-Board members as well as Board members but must be CHJA members in good standing. Each committee chairman shall provide the Board of Directors with a written report of his activities and accomplishments at the December meeting.


The Board shall appoint an individual to serve as Manager of the Copper Penny Horse Show and an individual to serve as Manager of the Medal Finals Horse Show. Remuneration for these managers shall be determined by the Board and set forth in writing. The Board shall hire and negotiate a contract with a Manager or Managers for the CHJA Annual Group I horse Shows. The Board shall appoint an individual to serve as an uncompensated liaison to the Group I Horse Show Manager to facilitate communication between the Board and the Manager. The horse show dates and show location of Estes Park, Colorado, may not be changed without the approval of the Board. Terms of the contract with the Manager must be approved by the Board. The contract is to be signed by the President on behalf of the Board.


The Board of Directors may contract with individuals to accomplish duties on behalf of the Association. If a position is available, the position description and amount to be paid shall be printed in the CHJA Newsletter and posted on the CHJA Web Site.