Photograph Policy

In the spirit of celebrating the accomplishments of our membership, we’ve established the following policy for including photographs for CHJA year end award winners and Zone 8 award winners on the CHJA website. To be included the rider/owner must be a member in good standing of CHJA and the horse must be registered with CHJA.  Photographs will be displayed as follows:

CHJA Gallery of Champions
  • Champion and Reserve Champion
  • Nationally recognized medals, 1st place
  • Special Award Winners (e.g. Horse of the Year, Large Pony Hunter of the Year, etc.
  • CHJA Medal Finals, 1st place
CHJA Awards Page
  • Any CHJA Year End Award
  • CHJA Medal Finals, 2nd - 6th place
  • Nationally recognized medals (2nd-6th place)

Submission Guidelines

Submit digital image(s) using this form: photo submission

Photographs that meet the following requirements will be accepted for the CHJA website:

  1. You can submit one photograph for each division placing. You can also use the same photograph for multiple awards.  Preferably the photograph is from the division for which you won the award, but if that isn’t possible, it should be representative of the division.  For example, if your horse won a championship in a hunter division, you were 3rd in an equitation division, you may submit two different photographs, one for each award. The championship photograph will appear in the Gallery of Champions on the front page, and  both photographs will appear in the awards gallery on the Awards page.
  2. You must have permission to publish the photograph on the website. If your photograph was done by a professional photographer, contact them to make sure you can use the photograph this way and obtain a release in writing. This protects you, and it protects us from copyright infringement. 
  3. Preferably the submitted photograph is the original digital image in .jpg or .png format. If you only have a printed copy of the photograph, scan it in using the highest possible resolution settings and save it as a .jpg.  Do not compress or resize the photograph for the internet – that will be taken care of for you.
  4. For each photograph include the name, owner and horse. Only submissions that can be verified to be for members in good standing and match the awards records will be published.
  5. Optional: you can include your trainer's name. Trainer name will be displayed if trainer is a professional member of CHJA in good standing.


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