Rule Change Proposals for 2019

Rule Change Proposals for 2019

Rule Change Proposals for 2019

These proposals will be considered and voted on at the Board of Directors meeting on October 15, 2018. See the CHJA Web Site for meeting time and location.


1. Amend Bylaws Article XII Rule Changes to add a new letter H:

Changes required to be in compliance with changes in USEF/ USHJA/Zone 8 rules and specs may be made by the Rules Committee without going through steps A-E. The membership will be notified of any such changes within 45 days.


2. Rule 3.1  Insert a new sentence after the sentence “USEF Rule GR1316 Accidents Involving Competitors will be followed.” ”If a rider falls off, the EMT should be contacted.”


3. Rule 4.3 A Clarify intent and reword if needed.


4. Add a sentence to Rule 7.1 and 7.2. to read: “The rider’s/horses’s trainer must  be a CHJA Member for points to count.”


5. Change Rule 7.19 Finalizing Results to read:

    Points will be updated in a timely manner and will be posted on the CHJA  Web Site. Exhibitors will have 30 days after points are   

    posted to notify the Point Counter, in writing, of any discrepancies. After 30 days, points will stand as posted. Exception: After the

    final show of the year, points will be  finalized on December 7.


6.. Add a new Rule 7.20 “ Competitors are responsible for providing current CHJA numbers for themselves and their horses at each  

     competition if they want points to count.”


7. Rule 12.4 Colorado National Medals Qualification Requirements. Remove the words “or equitation class” from A.B. C. D.E.


8. Creation of a CHJA Outreach Program

a. Bylaws Article III Membership, Section 1

New E. Outreach Membership-Outreach members may be juniors or adults. An outreach member is entitled to one vote at all general meetings.

b. Bylaws Article III, Membership, Section 5:

   Membership Privileges-add  “for all except Outreach Members”

   After E. Add Membership Privileges for Outreach Members

  1. An email subscription to the CHJA Newsletter
  2. Eligibility to compete in the Outreach Year End Awards Program

c. Rule 2 Show Approval Requirements

 2.1 General Add: G      .Outreach Show Approval

Outreach Divisions may be approved as part of a Group II Show Approval  or free standing Outreach Shows may be approved. Free standing Outreach Shows are not required to have a Steward or Rules Representative.

d. Rule 6.2 Group II Shows

    New C. Group II Shows may offer Outreach Divisions.

e. New Rule 13. Outreach Program

    13.1 Participants in the Outreach Program will be awarded Gold, Silver, and

    Bronze Certificates at the end of the Show Year when they have earned 100,

    75 and 50 points in a division. Points in Outreach Classes will be awarded

    10, 6,4,2,1,1/2 for 1,2 3,4,5,6 place respectively. No bonus points will be given

    for Champion and Reserve Champion

    13.2 Outreach Divisions are:

     Outreach Cross Rail Division

     Outreach 18” Division

     Outreach 2’ Division

     Outreach 2’3” Division  

     Outreach 2’6” Division

     Outreach Jumper Division 2’-2’3”

     There are no Cross Entry Restrictions

     Proviso: For 2019 only, additional rules and fees regarding the Outreach Program may be approved by the Strategic Planning



    Contact Carol O’Meara at for questions.