Group I: Estes Park H/J Festival III

Estes Park H/J Festival III

Show Year: 

8/4 to 8/8




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The final week of the four weeks in Estes Park, the Estes Park Festival III scheduled for August 4-8, is being canceled due to a lack of interest. The Estes Park Festival I (July 22-26) and Estes Park Festival II (July 29-Aug 2) will proceed as planned and have good entry numbers. Those that have entered the EPF III will be contacted and their entries and checks will be shredded. If the checks have already been deposited or credit cards have already been run, full refunds will be issued. If you have any questions, please contact CEP at or call the horse show office at 970-577-0339. CEP apologizes for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause.

Contact Name: 

Chris Collman
(602) 992-2706


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Point Issue Codes

1: Horse - no CHJA# 

2: Rider - no CHJA#

3: Owner - no CHJA#

7: Wrong Owner

The owner as it was reported in the results is not the recorded owner of the horse at the time of the show.  YOU MUST put the CHJA recorded owner of the horse on your entry black for points to count. See Rule 7.2

8: No Year End Award

This class is not associated with a CHJA year end award

10: Owner not a member

The owner of a horse must be a CHJA member in good standing at the time the horse was shown in order for points to count in divisions where points are awarded to the horse.  See Rule 7.2

11: Not registered at time of show

If you joined after the start date of the show, but before the class you showed in, contact the point counter to have your points updated.

12: Horse points not effective at time of show 

Either the horse wasn't registered at the start of the show, or the horse's owner was not a member at the start of the show. If you recorded your horse and/or joined after the start date of the show, but before the class you showed in, contact the point counter to have your horse's points updated.   

Group 1 Shows:

Please be aware that if you do not have a current USEF number for horse, rider or owner on record with CHJA, we cannot determine the correct CHJA number and you may see issue code 1, 2 or 3 appear as the reason points were not awarded.  You can update your horse/member USEF numbers by logging in and going to "MyCHJA".  Points will not automatically appear if you update USEF numbers after results have been posted. Notify the point counter that you made the change so your points can be updated.

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