Group II: Copper Penny I

Copper Penny I

Show Year: 

7/19 to 7/22


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Not USEF Rated

Hey Beginner Riders! The CHJA Copper Penny I Horse Show has added the Walk-Trot, Crossrail and Future Rider classes to the first week of Estes Park. All the beginner classes listed in the prize list (classes 161 through 186) will be held on Saturday, July 21st in the first available hunter ring. Anyone wishing to enter these classes will not be charged any late fees or post entry penalties. Of course, they will still be offered the second week as well, but now you can come up to the cool mountains and show in them twice if you wish!

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Chris Collman
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Only current members and recorded horses appear in the results, past or present.

NOTE:Refer to Rule 7.6.A for year end award eligibility. "In order for a year end championship to be awarded in any division, at least six classes must have been held in that division during the show year. These classes must have been judged by at least two different judges and offered at two different horse shows. In addition, horses and/or equitation riders must have placed in that division at two different horse shows. Exceptions to above rule is the Hunter Breeding Division where only three classes must have been held in the respective age group in order to receive a year end award."

87 Beginner Open Hunter 2'6-2'9