Group II: Copper Penny I

Copper Penny I

Show Year: 

7/20 to 7/23


USEF Rating: 

Not USEF Rated

If you need to rent a golf cart for the Estes Park Horse Shows, please contact Colorado Golf & Turf at (303) 761-3332 and ask for Mary to reserve one. Colorado Golf & Turf is the new official supplier of golf cart rentals for the Estes Park Horse Shows. Inventory is limited and time is short, and there will NOT be any carts for rent on the grounds … you need to pre-order one and have it delivered … so if you need a golf cart, please call them right away. The company originally listed in the prize list is no longer affiliated with the shows.


Only current members and recorded horses appear in the results, past or present.

CH/RES CHJA Long Stirrup Hunter 18 & Over 2'3 Championship

CH/RES CHJA Junior Equitation 14 & U 3'0 Championship