Morgan Maucher and Maddie McAllister have received scholarships from the Colorado Hunter Jumper Foundation. Morgan earned a $2,000 Category A scholarship and $500 CHJA Spirit of Excellence in Honor of Morgan Maucher. (In something of a fun twist, Morgan won the 2019 Group II Spirit of Excellence Award which gives a scholarship honoring the winner of that Year End Award. She then went on to earn that scholarship!) 


Morgan Maucher at the CHJA Medal Finals

CHJA Approved Judges as of 3/12/20

  • Adams, Jack CHJA
  • Alsberg, Jenny CHJA
  • Ayers, Syd CHJA
  • Beard, Kay r
  • Bunker, Harriett R
  • Bytner, Daphne r
  • Dennehy, Liza. R
  • Ferguson, Tracye R
  • Grayson, Laurie R
  • Grayson, Tyler CHJA
  • Kaneps, Victor r (jumpers)
  • Lewis, Jen r
  • Malmqvist, Davin. R (Jumpers)
  •  Marken, Jody. r
  • Maybank, Marion. R (Jumpers), CHJA
  • Nielsen, Beth. R
  • Nixon, Kristin. R
  • Nutt, Devon CHJA
  • O’Meara, Meg CHJA
by Carol O’Meara
Show Standards Chair

Due to problems with our previous policy for assigning show dates which open due to loss of seniority or non-renewal, the CHJA Board adopted a new policy at the February Board Meeting. The policy can be found in the Show Managers Packet on this web site. Contact Show Standards with any questions. or 303-779-4963.

The Kris McConnell Award is presented annually by the Colorado Hunter Jumper Foundation. The award is given to a CHJA member who has provided outstanding service to a Charitable Organization. The award includes a donation to the charity in honor of the recipient.

Ryder Richardson
December 19, 2019
USHJA Annual Meeting

I recently had an opportunity to attend the USHJA Annual Meeting in Denver. It was an eye opening experience, especially for a junior. I was able to sit and observe important business, interact with top professionals, ask questions, and comment in actual board meetings. It was fascinating to witness the process that organizations must take so that everything runs smoothly for its members.

Ryder Richardson