Board Adopts Rule Changes for 2020

CHJA Rule changes for 2020 have been finalized and will take effect December 1, 2019.

  • Rule 3.2 now specifies the Facility Requirements for horse shows.
  • Rule 3.3 no longer requires a first place prize to be given at Group I shows.
  • Rule 3.9 now requires safety cups to be used on the back rail of all oxers in warm up and schooling areas as well as in competition rings.
  • Rule 3.10 states that management will incur a fine for ring delays longer than 40 minutes not caused by weather, injury or ring maintenance.
  • Rule 4.3 requires that all judges must be approved by the CHJA Officials Committee.
  • Rule 4.4 requires that all course designers must be approved by the CHJA Officials Committee.
  • Rule 7.15 now includes Modified Child/Adult Jumpers and Modified Junior/Amateur Jumpers for Year End Awards.
  • Rule 8.1 specifies that courses must consist of a minimum of eight fences.
  • Rule 8.3 reinserts the Green Hunters which were left out of the 2019 Rule Book in error. All of the CHJA Jumper Classes will now be referred to by fence height rather a name. Both will be used during the transition period. Contact Carol O’Meara, Rules and Specs Chair,, for any questions.