Board Adopts Rule Changes for 2021

At the October and November CHJA Board meetings, several rule changes were passed. These include:

  • Rule 3.4 Food and Beverage now states that Food and beverage must be available at the show during hours posted in the prize list.
  • New rule 5.9 Actions Involving Abuse outlines procedure for handling of actions that could be determined to be abuse of a horse or another person.
  • Rule 12.6 clarifies that the CHJA Medal Finals restriction to qualified riders who have not competed in a Colorado National Medal Final , a Zone 8 Equitation Final or a Regional Equitation Final includes the current Medal Finals. The rule also states that the number of riders called back for additional testing is determined by the judges and not a minimum of four as previously stated.
  • Rule 13.2 specifies that Outreach Classes are restricted to juniors and amateurs and that professionals may ride in Outreach Classes only as a “No Judge”. The rule also specifies that Pile of Poles is Walk/Trot only and Canter is not included.

Multiple divisions were renamed, with no change in the specifications or age groups for the divisions:

  • Schooling Hunters is now CHJA 2’3”-2’6” Hunters
  • Short/Medium/Long Stirrup Hunters and Equitation are now CHJA Short/CHJA Medium/CHJA Long Stirrup Hunters and Equitation
  • Beginner Open Hunters is now CHJA 2’6” to 2’9” Hunters
  • Beginner Amateur Hunters and Beginner Amateur Equitation are now CHJA Low Adult Hunters and CHJA Low Adult Equitation
  • Beginner Junior Hunters and Beginner Junior Equitation are now CHJA Low Children’s Hunters and CHJA Low Children’s Equitation
  • CHJA Amateur Hunters and CHJA Amateur Equitation are now CHJA Adult Hunters and CHJA Adult Equitation
  • CHJA Junior Hunters and CHJA Junior Equitation are now CHJA Children’s Hunters and CHJA Children’s Equitation
  • Evergreen Hunters are now CHJA 3’Open Hunters
  • CHJA Open Hunters are now CHJA 3’3”-3’5” Open Hunters
  • CHJA Pony Hunters are now CHJA Children’s Pony Hunters

The 2021 Rule Book is available on the CHJA Website. Contact Carol OMeara, Rules and Specs Chair, at for any questions.