Board to Consider Rule Changes and Bylaws Amendment

The CHJA Board of Directors will consider the following Rule Change Proposals and a Bylaws Amendment Proposal at a meeting to be held on Monday, October 16, 2023, at 6:30 pm. Location TBA. Contact Carol OMeara, Rules and Specs Chair, at with any questions. You may also contact Carol or any Board Member to provide input regarding the proposals if you are unable to attend the meeting.

Proposed Rule Changes:

1. Rule 3.11. Splitting of Classes

Add a sentence to read: “If the first class of a division is split, then all classes in the division must be split in the same manner and Champion and Reserve Champions must be given accordingly”.

2. Rule 6.1 Group I Shows and Rule 11.1

Revise B. to read ” A CHJA Group I Show may utilize classes from Group 1 Divisions as listed in Rule 7.15 and National Medals. A Group I Show may not utilize classes from Group 2 or Group 3 Divisions as listed in Rules 7.16 and 7.17 and may not utilize CHJA Medals.

Revise Rule 11.1 Title to Read CHJA Medals for Group II Shows and revise the sentence below to read: “The following medals may be held at any Group II Show.”

3. Rule 8.4 D. CHJA 3’3” to 3’5” Open Hunter

Add a sentence to read: “When not combined with other fence heights, the second over-fence round must be a handy course which includes a trot fence.”

4. Rule 9.4 D. CHJA .90 Jumpers

Change “May be combined with CHJA .85 M Jumpers” to “May be combined with CHJA .85 Jumpers or CHJA 1.0 Jumpers.”

Rule 9.4 C CHJA 1.0M Jumper

Change “May be combined with CHJA 1.15 and CHJA 1.10 Jumpers” to “May be combined with CHJA.90 M Jumpers or CHJA 1.10 Jumpers”.

Rule 9.4 B CHJA 1.10 M Jumpers

Change “May be combined with CHJA 1.15 M and CHJA 1.10M Jumpers” to “May be combined with CHJA 1.0 or CHJA 1.15 M Jumpers”.

Rule 9.4 A CHJA 1.15M Jumpers

Change “May be combined with CHJA 1.10M and CHJA 1.0 Jumpers” to “May be combined with 1.10M Jumpers”.

5. Rules 11.3 J and 11.3 K Larkspur Junior and Adult Medals

Revise the first sentences to read: “Open to all Junior (Adult Amateur )Riders who have not shown 2’9” or higher in any CHJA or USEF approved show during the current medal qualification period.”

Proposed Bylaws Amendment:

Amend Article VI. Board of Directors, Section 2. Election and Terms by adding a sentence:

Board Members must reside in the State of Colorado for the length of his or her term.

Proviso: Current Board Members residing out of state may finish their current terms.