CHJA Board Adopts Rule Changes for 2022

At their meeting on October 18, 2021, the CHJA Board adopted multiple Rule Changes for 2022.

Rule changes are effective December 1, 2021. A summary of the changes follows.

  • Horse Shows will be allowed a one-time cancellation for insufficient entries without loss of seniority.
  • Judges are no longer restricted from judging at consecutive horse shows.
  • There must be at least three horses competing in the class in at least 3 regular classes for points to count in Group 1,2 and 3 Jumper Divisions. A horse has competed after entering the ring and receiving a signal to start. This is for Jumper only—Hunter and Equitation still require completion.
  • USHJA 2’ Hunter and USHJA 2’3” Hunter are now exceptions to the cross-entry restrictions for Group 1 Stirrup Hunter and Equitation.
  • CHJA Pony Hunter, Equitation and Medal Fence Heights will be 2’ for Smalls and Mediums and 2’6” for Larges.
  • Cross entry-restrictions are removed from 2’6”-2’9” Open Hunter.
  • All cross-entry restrictions of 3’ are now “3’ or .90M”.
  • CHJA Modified Adult and Children’s Hunter and Equitation Divisions at 2’3”-2’6” have been added. Adults and Children’s may be combined. CHJA Modified Divisions may be combined with CHJA Low Divisions . No cross-entry into 3’ or .90M permitted at the same show.
  • .85 and .90 Jumpers may be combined.
  • .70 and .75 Jumper classes run under Table IV Optimum Time will not have time penalties.
  • No in and outs are permitted in Outreach Jumper.
  • Trainers must be CHJA members in order for their clients to compete in Medal Finals.
  • The Medal Qualification period will end the day after the CHJA Classic Finale Horse Show.
  • Riders must have competed in at least three Stirrup Equitation or three Stirrup Medal Classes during the medal qualification period in order to compete in the Stirrup Class at Medal Finals.
  • Riders and their trainers must be CHJA members and horses must be CHJA Recorded to be nominated for Affiliate Championships. Horse and rider must have shown in their respective divisions at a minimum of two CHJA Approved Horse Shows.

Contact Carol OMeara, Rules and Specs Chair with questions.