CHJA Board of Directors Membership Notice

This year has been a new and ever changing challenge to the entire horse community. The CHJA board of directors takes our responsibility to the membership very seriously. We are a group of elected volunteers who give our time with the goal of making horse showing in Colorado fun, equitable, competitive, and rewarding. This year, as never before, we have had to add health consequences for our competitors to our list of concerns.

The cancellation of medal finals was not a decision that was made lightly or without exploring many options. Ultimately, the board voted to cancel this year's finals to maintain the safety of our members, the prestige and caliber of the actual event, and to minimize the economic implications of a late cancellation. The medal finals competition has historically been a large and prestigious event for the equitation community in Colorado. The board of directors and the equitation committee continually strive to improve the experience in order to make it an affordable and distinctive experience for all participants. We are already planning for 2021.

2020 medal participants will receive alternative awards based on cumulative year end points. Ribbons and sashes will be awarded to the top 8 riders in their respective medal, along with prizes, perpetual and keeper trophies. While we realize that this program may not be the medal finals we were all hoping to experience, we believe that it will honor the hard work, talent and consistency of the members who participate in medal classes this year.


The CHJA Board of Directors