The CHJA Junior Committee has selected its ambassadors for the 2019 show season. The program is headed up by Maggie Klau and Jocie Wille with Alexia Honegger serving as the CHJA Board liaison. the 2019 ambassadors include: Jade Hollis, Macie Lynch, Kyann Wentz, Ryder Richardson, Lucy Butler, Raven Cooley, Zoey Temple, Tori Weed, Lily Sapiano, Aedan Mooney, Emma Koch, Cami Stanley, Jackie Martin, Laura Cusinato, Anya Vasko, Kayla Scherer, Sammie Duray, Lilia Barnett, Erin Bergen, Rory Breglio, Amaya Bellfield, Eve Westfall, Gemma Sutton, Colleen Maersch, Finley Pool, Ryan Hall, Karina Patel, Lucy Erickson, Sophie Stern, Barrie Barto, Caroline Krier, Ailey Pittman, Matise Lujan and Olivia Steinberg.

According to Maggie, the creation of the larger ambassador group will provide for better representation from barns along the Front Range and beyond. Ambassadors are responsible for representing the committee on social media, aiding in fundraising efforts, attending committee hosted events and curating content for some of CHJA's social media accounts.

Ambassadors serve through the CHJA Medal Finals and a new class of ambassadors (maximum of three per barn) will be solicited in December for the 2020 season.

"With the creation of this larger group, we are excited to better serve the juniors of Colorado," said Maggie.  "Last year we were thrilled to give out our first $500 grant, and this year we hope to have the opportunity to hand out more grants. We look forward to more involvement, and can’t wait to get to know all our new ambassadors!"

Questions about the CHJA Junior Ambassador program should be directed to Alexia.