Rule Change Meeting

The CHJA Board will meet on October 18, 2021, to discuss and vote on Rule change Proposals for 2022. 

The meeting will be held at Malone’s Grill, 14455 West 64th Street, Arvada, 80004 at 6:30 pm. The proposals are as follows: 

1.  Rule 2.3 Show Cancellation Policy  

Add:  “Shows will be allowed a one-time cancellation for insufficient entries without losing seniority.  Retention of seniority for shows with insufficient entries 2 years in a row must be approved by the board.” 

2.  Rule 4.3 A Judges 

Eliminate restriction  on judging consecutive shows.  

3.  Rule 6.3 C CHJA Ponies 

Change  8 years to 6 years to be consistent with USEF. 

4.  Rule 7.6 Requirements for Year End Championships, Class and Division Point Counting 

       B. Change last sentence to read “For Championship points to count in Group 1,2 or 3 Jumper Divisions 

            there must be at least 3 horses competing in the class in at least 3 regular classes. A horse has competed after entering  the ring and receiving  a signal to start.” 

5.  Rule 8.3 N, P, S and 10.2

Change  “any rated division” to “any rated division with the exception of  USHJA 2’ Hunters “ 

6.  Rule 8.5 E  

a. Change name of CHJA Long Stirrups to CHJA Master Stirrups—same for Stirrup Eq and   Medals 

b. Change fence height to 2’ for Stirrup Hunters, Eq and Medals  

c.  Allow  Cross Entry between CHJA Children’s Pony Hunters and Eq and CHJA Stirrup Hunters and Eq 

7.  CHJA Children’s Pony Hunter (also Eq and Medal) 

Change fence heights to match Zone 8 Specs 

Smalls and mediums 2’ 

Large 2’6                                           

8.  Rule 8.5 B  2’6-2’9” Open Hunters 

Remove cross entry restriction  since this is an Open Hunter Division 

9. Rule 8.5 A, Rule 8.5 C , Rule 10.4 A

add the words “or 0.90m” after 3’ to eliminate cross entry into 0.90 jumpers which are 2’11”. 

10.  Add new divisions: 

CHJA Modified Adult/Children’s Hunters 2-3”-2’6” 

18 and over 

17 and under 

CHJA Modified Adult/Children’s Equitation 2’3”-2’6” 

18 and over 

17 and under 

No in and outs. 

No cross entry into 3’ or 0.90m or higher. 

Adults and Children may be combined 

May be combined with CHJA Low Children’s/Low Adult 

An alternative proposal is to make the current Low Children’s/Low Adult Hunter and Equitation Divisions 2’6” , add a medal at 2’6” for both children and adults , and create new Modified Children’s/Adult Divisions  at 2’9”. 

Another alternative proposal  is to make Low Children’s/Low Adults 2’9” and create Modified Divisions at 2’6”. 

A final alternative proposal: 

Hunter and Equitation Divisions in 3” increments, from 2’3 to 3’3”   

  1. CHJA 2’3” Open Division  
  2. CHJA 2’6” Open Division  
  3. CHJA Modified Ch/Ad Hunter and Equitation (2’6”) (Columbine Medals for 2’6”) 
  4. CHJA 2’9” Open Division  
  5. CHJA Low CH/Ad Hunter and Equitation (2’9”) (Dorothy Roberts Medal for 2’9”)  
  6. CHJA Ch/Ad Hunter and Equitation (3’) (Col Robby for Juniors, Ruth Ayers for Adults)  
  7. CHJA Junior/Amateur Hunter and Equitation (3’3”) (CHJA Junior/Amateur Medal 3’3”) 

11. Rule 9.4 D and E 

       Allow .85 and .90 jumpers to combine. 

12. Add 1.20 M Jumpers 

13.  Rules   9.5A   and 12.2 

Classes must be run under Table IV, Optimum Time Classes. At least two of the classes must be run under separate sections of table IV. 

Add: Any times 4 or more seconds over or 4 or more  seconds under the Optimum Time are penalized as time faults.  

Alternative Proposal: 

Classes must be run under Argentine Time.  ( Argentine Time pins the same way that Optimum time does, except there is no time allowed. This is advantageous as the rider who is exceptionally fast  does not pin over the rider who was slow and methodical that may previously have had a few time faults. We would be encouraging patience and good track and not rewarding those speeding around at dangerous paces) 

14. Rule 12.1 Medal Finals General 

Add G. Trainers must be CHJA members in order for their clients to compete in Medal Finals. 

15. Rule 12.7 I Stirrup Medal Class at Medal Finals 

Add: In order to compete in the Stirrup Medal Class at Medal Finals, riders must have competed in at least three Stirrup Equitation Classes or Stirrup Medal Classes during the Medal Finals Qualification Period.  

16. Rule 13.2  Outreach Jumpers

add no In and Outs. 

17. New Rule 14: Nomination for Affiliate Championships 

In order to be considered for a CHJA Nomination for Affiliate Championships, the horse or rider must have shown in their respective divisions at a minimum of two CHJA Approved Horse Shows. The rider must be a CHJA member, and the horse must be CHJA recorded at the time of showing and the trainer must be a CHJA member. 

18. Combine Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 Divisions into singular Group I Shows 

       Make Outreach Shows Group II Shows.