Rule Change Proposals for 2021

The following Rule Change Proposals will be discussed and voted on at the CHJA Board Meeting on October 5, 2020 at 6:30 pm. This will be a virtual meeting viz Zoom. Contact CHJA Secretary Kristina McCombine at to receive the link to the meeting.

1. Rule 3.4 Food and Beverage

Adequate food and beverage must be available at the show during show hours. 
Option A. Change to read “Availability of adequate on-site food and beverage is recommended and must be stated in the prize list.
Option B. Change “during show hours” to read “during the hours posted in the prize list”.

2. Rule 7.18 Duplication of Year End Awards

Delete entire rule.

3. New Rule 5.9 Actions Involving Abuse

If an exhibitor, trainer, or any other person in attendance at a CHJA Approved Horse show is observed performing actions that could be determined to be abuse of a horse or another person, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Initial observer will report the alleged abuse to the Show Steward or Rules Representative.
  2. Steward or Rules Representative will gather information from all witnesses. If it is determined that abuse has occurred, the Steward or Rules Representative will discuss the issue with the abuser. The investigation and discussion will be documented and included in the Show Steward Report.
  3. If actions continue, the Steward or Rules Representative will consult with show management, issue a yellow card, and the abuser will be asked to leave the show immediately. The issuance of the yellow card and request to leave the show will be documented in the Show Steward Report.
  4. If more than two yellow cards are issued to the same individual within a competition year, the individual will:
    • Lose all points accrued for the year.
    • Pay a fine, the amount of which is determined by the CHJA Board of Directors.
    • Face a suspension from participation in CHJA Approved shows for a period of time to be determined by the CHJA Board of Directors.
  5. An automatic yellow card will be issued by the Show Steward or Rules Representative for any of the following infractions:
    • Abuse of a horse, including by not limited to: excessive use of stick, punitive jerking of reins, competing a horse with open and obvious wounds.
    • Verbal or physical abuse of another person.
    • Willful and repeated rule violations.

4. Rule 8.5 E. Stirrup Hunter

  • change fences to 2’ (currently states not to exceed 2’3”)
  • CHJA Short Stirrup Hunters open to riders 11 and under
  • CHJA Long Stirrup Hunters open to riders 12-17 (Currently named Medium Stirrup Hunters)
  • CHJA Rusty Stirrup Hunters open to amateur riders 18 and over (Currently Named Long Stirrup Hunters
  • Above changes would also apply to Stirrup Equitation and Stirrup Medals.

5. Rule 12.6 Changes

Delete the sentence: “CHJA Medal Finals are restricted to qualified riders who have not participated in a Colorado National Medal Final, a Zone 8 Equitation Final or a Regional Equitation Final during the current qualification period”. If the restriction is retained, add the words “or during the current Medal Finals” after qualification period.

For all CHJA Medal Finals:

Change “After the completion of phases I, II and III the judge will ask a minimum of the top four riders, if available, to perform additional testing” to read “ After the completion of phases I, II, and III, the judge may request additional testing. The number of riders called back for additional testing is determined by the judge.”

6. Rule 13.2 Outreach

Add: " Hunter classes are open to all riders. Equitation Classes may be ridden by juniors and amateurs only."
Pile of Poles-specify if walk/trot or walk/ trot /canter

7. Show Classifications and Requirements Revamp

An extensive package of Rule Changes designed to completely revamp the current Show Classifications and Requirements has been submitted. Group I Shows would be what are now Group I and Group II Shows; Group II Shows would be what are now Outreach Shows. Class Specifications would align with USHJA Class Specifications. Points would be tabulated using only one system and Year End Awards would be given for the unified CHJA/USEF Divisions and for Outreach Divisions. These changes and the rationale for the changes are included in a lengthy document sent to the board by Linnea Throckmorton on 8/3/2020 and are available to members by request. Contact Carol O’Meara to receive a copy of these proposals.