Just like you tackle Spring cleaning in your home, now is the perfect time to make sure you’re ready for the warmer weather and show season that are coming right up. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

  1. Set that vet appointment. Spring shots and other routine care including dental are important for your horse’s health going into the busy Summer months.
  2. Assess your fly gear. Those nasty pests will be coming out soon. Check the fit of your current gear. Make repairs as necessary and purchase items to replace those that have worn out. Your horse will thank you.
  3. Deep clean your daily use items. This includes not only your tack but also brushes and pads.
  4. Prepare your warm weather and show blankets. Clean and repair these as required.
  5. Give your trailer a once-over. Clean and perform necessary maintenance. You’ll be glad you did as you pull out for the first show of the season.

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