ARTICLE V. Nominations and Elections


The Nominating Committee shall consist of Board members (excluding the president) who are serving the first year of their two year term. The names of the Nominating Committee members and a request for nominations shall be published in the CHJA newsletter and on the CHJA Web Site three months prior to the nomination deadline.


The committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors candidates for election who are currently Adult CHJA members in good standing and have been since April 15 of the preceding year. The Committee shall recommend a sufficient number of candidates to fill Board vacancies. It is the Nominating Committee’s responsibility to include any member recommended by a general member. The slate of candidates shall be received by the general membership four weeks prior to the designated close of balloting.


  1. Election of Directors shall be by written ballot.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall supervise the election process and shall designate dates for the closing of balloting and the person (s) to receive and count ballots. No ballots will be accepted after the closing date.
  3. A plurality vote shall elect. In case of a tie, the choice will be determined by lot.
  4. Any challenge to the nominations or elections shall be filed with the Board of Directors within 30 days after the election results are announced.