Next Board Meeting

May 20 6:30 PM


Committee Information

2024 Board of Directors

Jill Pelzel President, Member: Copper Penny Contact
Rebecca Johnson Vice President, Chair: Nominations, Member: Medal Finals, Officials, Rules & Specs, Show Standards, Contact
Devon Nutt Secretary, Chair: Sponsorship, Member: Copper Penny, Member Benefits, Rules & Specs Contact
Lisa Munro Chair: Education, Marketing Contact
Brianna R Hammerman Member: Education, Medal Finals, Member Benefits, Nominations Contact
Carol O'Meara Trophy Coordinator, Chair: Rules and Specifications, Show Standards, Member: Fall Finale, Medal Finals, Officials Contact
Jen Lewis Co-Chair: Officials Member: Officials, Rules & Specs, Show Standards Contact
Jennifer Shannon Member: Member Benefits, Nominations Contact
Kristin Jacob Co-Chair: Education, Member: Member Benefits, Nominations Contact
Laurie Grayson Co-Chair: Officials, Member: Medal Finals, Rules & Specs Contact
Linnea Throckmorton Chair: Copper Penny, Fall Finale, Member Benefits Member: Education Contact
Tricia Lombardo Treasurer Contact
Valerie Williams Chair: Medal Finals, Member: Nominations Contact
Alexis Nichols Staff: Marketing Co-Chair Contact
Betsy Cvetic Staff: Webmaster Contact
Franci Martin Staff: Awards and Year End Banquet Contact
Kirsten Turner Staff: Member Support Manager Contact
Terri Sassano Staff: Finance Director Contact