The following definitions are from the USEF Rule Book and are used by CHJA to define the terms Compete and Complete

HU119 Definition of Competed.  A horse has competed in an over fences class when the horse’s entry number and a score for at least the first jump are recorded on the judge’s card. A horse failing to complete the entire course is not eligible to receive points, awards, or prize money. A horse has competed in an under-saddle class when the horse has entered the ring. 

Chartered in 1963, the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association is dedicated to promoting the sport of horsemanship through sanctioning and sponsoring hunter and jumper competitions.

Annual events include Copper Penny I & II, Classic Finale, Medal Finals and a Year End Awards Banquet to honor and recognize member achievements in the show ring.

We are looking for hard working, hands on and passionate team players to fill four volunteer board positions to continue this rich tradition and ensure a viable future.

If interested, please submit your information HERE.

The Kris McConnell Award is presented annually by the Colorado Hunter Jumper Foundation. The award is given to a CHJA member who has provided outstanding service to a charitable organization. The award includes a donation to the charity in honor of the recipient. CHJF was pleased to present the 2020 Kris McConnell Award to Mary Stathes for her work with Rosie’s Ranch.

Kris McConnell Award Presented to Mary Stathes

Information from the Officials Committee

General Information:

Effective December 1, 2019, all judges and course designers for Group II CHJA shows must be approved by the CHJA Officials Committee (CHJA Rules 4.3D and 4.4).The CHJA Officials Committee has been charged with determining the criteria and process for approval.

USEF rated judges and course designers are automatically approved by the CHJA Officials Committee and do NOT need to go through the CHJA approval process.

CHJA Approved Judges as of 9/9/2021

  • Adams, Jack (Pending renewal of CHJA Membership for 2021)
  • Alsberg, Jenny
  • Ayers, Syd 
  • Grayson, Tyler
  • Henry Sowder, Micca
  • Langley, Caroline
  • Maybank, Marion
  • Nutt, Devon
  • O’Meara, Meg
  • Schiefen , Dan
  • Waring, Joanne

CHJA Approved Course Designers as of 1/17/2021

  • Alsberg, Jenny (Pending renewal of CHJA Membership for 2021)
  • Certain, Liz (Pending renewal of CHJA Membership for 2021)
  • Ferguson, Tracye