CHJF Scholarships

Educational funds are awarded to assist in carrying on a program of study. Categories of scholarships are:

  • Category “A” Scholarships:   Awarded to students starting a program of study. Number and amounts determined by CHJF Board.

  • Category “B” Scholarships:   Awarded to students to continue a program of study. Number and amounts determined by CHJF Board.

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MKR Grant

  • Experience the Winter Equestrian Festival

  • Train with top professionals in the industry.

  • Sponsored by Mountain King Ranch

THE MKR (Mountain King Ranch) equitation grant was generously started by Colorado native rider, Dominic Gibbs and his family. They wanted to provide the opportunity of experiencing the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington FL while training with Stacia Madden of Beacon Hill Show Stables to another Colorado rider. MKR feels that equitation is no longer an age-limited competition; with the rise of amateur equitation finals and numerous medals, MKR wanted to help promote the foundation of our sport to their home community, Colorado.

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CHJA Mentor Program (Professional's Development)

This new education program is intended for CHJA professional members to be paired with professional mentors across the nation with the goal of creating and fostering a relationship for lifelong learning.

This program is open for application for any CHJA will be sending up to five (5) CHJA professional members to industry professional mentors around the country. This program is intended to be an education program for CHJA professionals to learn from the greats of our industry. Our industry professionals will span from a wealth of knowledge of the Olympics, Big Eq, east coast and west coast, sales and imports, hosting clinics and more. Through this application program, the CHJA education committee will review each application and place up to five (5) CHJA professionals with the mentors and each CHJA professional will receive up to a $1,000 grant for their trip to be reimbursed upon completion. The CHJA professionals will have one (1) year to complete their mentor program from the award date. Upon return, each CHJA professional will have a follow up questionnaire to complete.

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CHJA Member Benefits Clinic

Join CHJA on November 18 and 19, 2023 at The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland for our new Member Benefits riding and horsemanship clinic! CHJA will have opportunities for all levels. Clinicians include Julie Winkel (link to bio), Tonya Johnston (link to bio) and Jody Marken (link to bio). Julie Winkle clinic is open to riders who have shown in the stirrup divisions and above. Horsemanship activities include equine nutrition from multiple partners, veterinarian and first aid, dentistry, learning to braid, horse show parent 101, and more! Final schedule to be announced November 1st. FREE learning opportunities for CHJA Members of all levels!

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