Rule 10.3.D Deborah L. Donoghue Memorial Open Equitation Class

Fences 3'3"

This class is open to all Junior and Amateur members of CHJA. The class may be offered at both Group I and Group II horse shows. Competitors must use the same horse in both phases. Stallions are permitted. The class is judged 60% over fences and 40% on the flat. The over fence phase will be held first and will be conducted over a course of at least eight (8) fences at 3'3" in height with a maximum spread of 3'3". Exhibitors will show over a course that must include a double and/or a triple combination with at least one oxer. Two (2) other oxers are required elsewhere on the course. A water type obstacle is strongly recommended. Time allowed will be figured at 360 yards per minute: may be timed either electronically or manually. Time and jumping faults should be taken into consideration in the judges evaluation of the rider. A maximum of 12 riders who complete the over fence phase will be required to work on the flat. Riders must show at the working walk, the working trot sitting and rising, working canter, counter canter and demonstrate lengthening of stride in both directions. Judges may require additional tests and are not confined to USEF tests 1 - 17. To fill a class, three (3) properly attired competitors must complete the course. SADDLERY: 1) There are no restrictions on saddles. 2) Change of bridle is permissible between phases. 3) Blinkers are forbidden. 4) No martingales of any kind are permitted in the flat phase. 5) Only running martingales used in the conventional manner are permitted in the over fences phase. Standing martingales, draw reins, or restricted running martingales are prohibited. 6) Reins must be attached to the bit(s) or directly to the bridle. Gags and hackamores are allowed except in the flat phase. This class accumulates points towards a special year end award and will not be included for purposes of determining other year end equitation awards. At year end, a perpetual trophy will be presented to the winner.