Rule 2.3 Show Cancellation Policy

  1. If a CHJA recognized show is canceled due to weather conditions or catastrophic events which would not allow it to commence, the show will retain seniority but there will be no refund of approval fees.
  2. If a show is canceled for reasons other than stipulated in A, and the cancellation is received less than 60 days prior to the show dates, no refund of show approval fees will be given and the show will lose its seniority for the next show year. Exception: Shows will be allowed a one-time cancellation for insufficient entries without losing seniority. Retention of seniority for shows with insufficient entries two years in a row must be approved by the board.
  3. A show must send written notification of its cancellation to the Show Standards Chairman. Postmark of this communication will be the official date of cancellation for the show.
  4. Cancelled shows may not be rescheduled.