Rule 2.6 Prize List

  1. A copy of the rough draft of the prize list and schedule must be received by the Show Standards Chairman no later than 45 days prior to the show’s opening date. If a rough draft is received less than 30 days before the show, the membership will be notified that the show has lost its CHJA approval. In order for the show to receive approval, the prize list must contain the following:
    1. Current CHJA Membership Application.
    2. Current Horse Recording Form.
    3. Directions to the show.
    4. Schooling/warm-up policies.
    5. Championships offered.
    6. Starting times.
    7.  Show Fees and Refund Policies.
    8. Names of the judge(s), USEF Steward, Course Designer, Veterinarian, EMT, and Show Secretary. If the prize list is published with “To be announced” or “To Be Determined’ for any of these officials, the prize list must be updated on the CHJA Web Site with actual names within 7 days prior to the show.
    9. Entry Forms which allow space for CHJA memberships for all riders and owners.
    10. Entry form disclaimer which releases CHJA and its Board from any liability.
    11. Statement “Any returned checks must be paid in cash or certified funds within 10 days”.
    12. Closing date for entries if applicable.
    13. Policies regarding non-showing horses.
  2. Any show holding CHJA Group 2 or 3 Classes or CHJA medals must notify the membership a minimum of 30 days prior to the show. Such notification may be in the form of the prize list or a postcard containing name, date and classification of show, a web address where the prize list can be viewed and downloaded and a phone number to request a mailed hard copy of the prize list. Notification may also be made via the show schedule on the CHJA website with a link to download the prize list, or via the show schedule in the CHJA newsletter. Both of these schedules must include the name and telephone number of a contact person to request a mailed copy of the prize list. CHJA mailing labels will be mailed upon request to all approved shows by the Membership Chairman.