Rule 3.2 Facilities

  1. CHJA adopts all USEF rules and regulations with respect to show standards, facilities, equipment and safety, including:

    GR1216 Facilities

    • Convenient and ample water facilities must be provided.
    • Adequate and sanitary toilet facilities must be provided.
    • All competition grounds (where there are divisions that require measurement) must have a level surface area for measurement in accordance with GR507.
    • Food must be provided on the grounds.
    • A secretary’s office with adequate personnel and proper communication between secretary, announcer, in-gate, each ring and stables must be provided.
    • Proper schooling and exercise areas must be provided. See Rules GR834-GR838.
    • Subject to local law and contract requirements, any owner or trainer stabled on the grounds of a competition must be permitted to haul in hay, grain and bedding, meeting management’s specifications as published in the prize list, for his own use, and use any farrier or veterinarian of his choice.
    • Directions to the competition grounds must be posted outside the competition office so that directions can be relayed to the EMS.
    • Before the first day of competition, competition management must post the name, address, and telephone number of the closest veterinary emergency and surgical facility. The competition management must have notified and obtained assurance that such facility can handle competition related emergencies. The name, address, and telephone number of this facility must be posted in the same location as the telephone and/or other emergency call priority system.
    • Lighting at sunrise and sunset that provides full and complete visibility is a requirement for the competition ring and schooling area. Horses may not be required to be exhibited in the competition ring or schooled in the designated warmup areas before the official hour of sunrise or after the official hour of sunset unless lighting is provided that assures full and complete visibility
    • Competition management is required to make an effort to provide the best possible footing in competition and warm-up areas. Provisions must be made (by having on hand proper equipment and scheduling sufficient breaks in the schedule) to maintain the footing in those areas, e.g. by dragging, watering, and raking, if necessary, throughout the competition.

    GR834 General

    • A Licensed Competition must provide a sufficient area for schooling horses. A separate schooling area must be provided for each ring.
    • Adequate lighting must be provided in schooling areas used after dark.
    • In addition to the official schooling area, competitions should designate an exercise area.
    • Competitions offering A rated sections other than hunter and jumper must provide an exercise area at least 80’ by 200’ or its equivalent. If, due to space limitations, a competition does not have an adequate schooling area or a competition offering an A rated section cannot provide the required exercise area, one ring must be open for a minimum of 5 hours within each 24-hour period
  2. The Show Manager is responsible to ensure compliance with all CHJA rules.