Rule 4.2 Stewards

  1. Every CHJA recognized horse show must have an USEF Licensed Steward or a CHJA Approved Rules Representative. Qualifications and procedures for approval as a CHJA Rules Representative are determined by the CHJA Officials Committee. The Steward/Rules Representative may not be associated with the management of the show, may not have clients exhibiting in the show and may not compete in the show. Free Standing Outreach shows are not required to have a Steward or Rules Representative.
  2. Stewards /Rules Representatives must send copies of CHJA or USEF reports to the Show Standards Chairman within 10 days of the completion of the show. The report should state the start and finish times for the show and include all problems or complaints brought to the attention of the steward during the show, whether actual rule violations occur or not.
  3. If a protest is filed, it must be filed on the show grounds. The Show Steward / Rules Representative must forward this and the protest fee to the Show Standards Chairman within 10 days of completion of the show.