Rule 5.1 Rule Violations By Horse Shows

A CHJA approved show which violates any CHJA rule is subject to the following sanctions:

  1. Horse shows will be fined for rule violations according to the Fine Schedule established by the CHJA Board. Shows will be notified of the fine by the Show Standards Chair. Shows not paying fines within 30 days after notification will be considered not in good standing and will lose seniority for the following year. For rule violations not specified in the Fine Schedule, the Board will determine the appropriate fine. In addition, the show may be required to provide and/or pay for appropriate trophies, ribbons, and prize money and/or refund entry fees.
  2. In case of violations and failure to pay the associated fines, the show may lose not only seniority, but may also lose the opportunity to apply for any approval for the following year if so determined by the Board.
  3. For violations in the subsequent year, any of the above sanctions may be imposed. In addition, show management may be suspended or permanently barred from eligibility to manage CHJA approved shows.
  4. Violations must be reported within 10 days.