Rule 5.3 Rule Violations by CHJA Members

Members, including directors, officers, and committee chairs, shall be subject to the following sanctions for rule violations:

  1. For a first violation, any or all of the following:
    1. A written warning.
    2. Cancellation and forfeiture of all points for any class and/or any show and/ or any year with respect to named horse or horses, or for all the members horses.
    3. Forfeiture of trophies, ribbons, prize money or any other award received by the person or his or her trainer, rider, horse or horses for whatever classes and horse shows are deemed appropriate, with the requirement that all such forfeited awards be returned to the horse show within 15 days.
  2. For a second violation, occurring within 1 year of a first violation, any sanction appropriate for a first violation and/or suspension of membership.
  3. For a third violation or beyond, occurring within 1 year of the first and second violations, any sanction appropriate for a second violation and/or a member may be expelled from CHJA.
  4. Multiple violations at a single show shall be treated as one occurrence. Appropriate sanction (see A, B, and C above) will be imposed. Violations which do not occur in the same year shall be treated as independent violations.
  5. Violations must be reported within 10 days.