Rule 5.6 Special Violations

The following violations are considered “special violations” and because of their seriousness shall be considered by the Board of Directors:

  1. Falsification of information provided to CHJA or to a CHJA approved horse show.
  2. Riding or exhibiting at a recognized horse show any horse that has been suspended by CHJA or USEF or that is owned by or in the care, training, or custody of a suspended person.
  3. Riding, exhibiting, coaching, or training at a recognized horse show for the benefit or assistance of a suspended person.
  4. Any horse show or horse show official knowingly allowing a suspended person or a suspended horse to participate in a recognized show. Every horse show is charged with the knowledge of all suspensions published by CHJA or USEF.
  5. Failure to pay any obligation due CHJA.