Rule 5.9 Actions Involving Abuse

CHJA will follow the Yellow Warning Card protocol of USEF and USHJA found in the USEF Rule book GR 1034.

In the event an exhibitor, trainer, or any other person in attendance at a CHJA Approved Horse show is observed performing actions that could be determined to be abuse of a horse or another individual, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Initial observer will report the alleged abuse to the Show Steward or Rules Representative. After alleged abuse is reported to the Steward or Rules Representative, information will be gathered from witnesses.
  2. If it is determined that abuse has occurred, the Steward or Rules Representative will discuss the issue with the violator. The investigation and discussion will be documented and included in the Show Steward Report.
  3. If actions continue, the Steward or Rules Representative will consult with show management, issue a Yellow Warning Card, and the abuser will be asked to leave the show immediately. The issuance of the Yellow Warning Card and request to leave the show will be documented in the Show Steward Report.
  4. If more than two yellow cards are issued to the same individual within a competition year, the individual will:
    • Lose all points accrued for the year.
    • Pay a fine, the amount of which is determined by the CHJA Board of Directors
    • Face a suspension from participation in CHJA Approved shows for a period of time be determined by the CHJA Board of Directors.
  5. An automatic Yellow Warning Card will be issued by the Show Steward or Rules Representative for any of the following infractions:
    • Abuse of a horse, including by not limited to: excessive use of stick, punitive jerking of reins, competing a horse with open and obvious wounds.
    • Verbal or physical abuse of another person.
    • Willful and repeated rule violations

For further information consult USEF Rule Book GR 702 and GR 705.