Rule 6.3 CHJA Ponies

  1. All ponies competing in pony classes must show a valid CHJA or USEF measurement card or be measured by the horse show steward.
  2. CHJA pony measurement cards will be issued only to recorded ponies owned by CHJA members. Non-members, or unrecorded ponies will receive only a copy of measurement form.
  3. An animal must be measured each competition year until it reaches the age of six. Animals five years and under will be issued a Temporary Measurement card designating the year measured. Animals six years and older will be issued a Standard Measurement card which does not have to be renewed. With the exception of animals under 6 years old, once an animal is issued a measurement card, a new card will not be issued unless the height of the animal is protested and upheld, or unless an appeal is made or unless a new measurement request is made by the owner or trainer and the re -measurement results in the animal moving to a greater height section than that indicated on it’s current measurement card.