Rule 7.14 Classics, Stakes & Prix

Bonus points will be awarded as per show rating for Classics, Stakes & Prix that fulfill the specifications of a CHJA year end award division. Classics must be conducted as a 2 round class. Designated classes may be counted as the first round of a classic. The second round must be held as a separate round. Points will be awarded to 12th place. 1st - 20pts, 2nd - 16pts, 3rd - 14 pts, 4th - 12 pts, 5th - 10 pts, 6th - 8 pts, 7th - 6 pts, 8th - 5 pts, 9th - 4 pts, 10th - 3 pts, 11th - 2pts, 12th - 1 pt. “A” rated Classics, Stakes & Prix will receive 4X the points listed. “AA” rated Classics, Stakes & Prix will receive 5X the points listed.