Rule 8.5.G Arapahoe Hunter Derby

To be shown over 8-10 fences at the maximum height of 2’9”. Courses will simulate fences found in the hunting field such as brush, wall, in and out, oxer, post and rails, gate, aiken, bank, coop and panels. Course should simulate riding over trappy hunt country and should include handy options such as: tight turns, different track options, clever options for jump approaches, hand gallop a jump, trot a lowered obstacle, lead over an obstacle, halt and/or back, open gate while mounted, dismount and mount. Will be judged on performance and soundness. To be judged on safe jumping style, brilliance of pace and handiness of round. Open to Juniors, Amateurs and Professionals. Winners at each show will receive a special prize provided by the Arapahoe Hunt. All participants in this class will be given an Arapahoe Hunt button. Points will accumulate throughout the competition year and the winner will be awarded the Arapahoe Hunter Derby trophy at the CHJA awards banquet as well as a one year membership to the Arapahoe Hunt. Points will not be included for purposes of determining other year end hunter awards.