What seat should I ride in on an equitation course?

By Kay Beard, ‘r’ Licensed Official

Many equitation competitors have raised the question, which seat should I ride in while on course in an equitation class? There are four types of seats used in the American Forward Style of Riding, those include the full seat, light seat, half seat and driving seat. Each of these seated positions in the saddle has a time and a place for its use. Confusion has arisen regarding which seat should be used on course in an equation class.

How does "Expression" affect judging in the hunter and equitation rings?

Kay Beard, ‘r’ Licensed Official

The question has been raised often in recent times regarding a horse showing expression in the Hunter and Equitation rings.  The good news is here has been a shift in perception around  judging hunters that allows for a demonstration of physical enthusiasm on course.  But let's explore this deeper in order to answer the question by first defining expression as it pertains to horses showing in the hunter and equitation disciplines.