The CHJA Board of Directors adopted several Rule Changes at their meeting on October 3, 2022. These rules take effect on December 1, 2022. The updated Rule Book will be available online by November 15, 2022, if not sooner. See the Rule Book for exact wording of the rules. Here is a summary of the changes:

“ EMT” will now be “Qualified Medical Personnel”, defined as an EMT, Paramedic, Certified First Responder, Physician or Registered Nurse trained in pre-hospital Trauma Care, and currently licensed under Colorado law.

The CHJA Board made modifications to two Rules at their December 13, 2021, meeting:

The Precedent Chart(Rule7.18) was modified to remove the asterisk next to Pre-Children’s and Pre-Adult Hunters. Horses who win Divisions at 3’ or higher will now be eligible for these awards.

Rule 7.19 has been modified to make the date for Finalizing Results November 30 instead of December 7. This coincides with the membership year.

The following definitions are from the USEF Rule Book and are used by CHJA to define the terms Compete and Complete

HU119 Definition of Competed.  A horse has competed in an over fences class when the horse’s entry number and a score for at least the first jump are recorded on the judge’s card. A horse failing to complete the entire course is not eligible to receive points, awards, or prize money. A horse has competed in an under-saddle class when the horse has entered the ring.