CHJA Board Adopts Bylaws Amendments and Rule Changes

At a meeting held on October 16, 2023, the CHJA Board of Directors adopted two Bylaws Amendments related to the Board of Directors. Board members must now live in the state of Colorado. The size of the board was decreased from fifteen to eleven. In odd- numbered years, six board members will be elected, and in even numbered years, 5 board members will be elected. A Proviso was passed which permits the seven board members elected in 2022 to finish their two-year terms. Therefore, the reduction in the size of the board will be gradual. In 2023, six board members will be elected to serve 2023-2025, bringing the size of the board down to thirteen. In 2024, five board members will be elected to serve 2024-2026, which will result in an eleven-member board.

Four Rule Changes were passed:

Rule 3.11 Splitting of Classes will stipulate that if the first class of a division is split, then all of the classes in the division must be split in the same manner and Champion and Reserve Champions must be given accordingly.

The Larkspur Junior and Adult Medals will be restricted to riders who have not shown 2’9” or higher in any CHJA or USEF approved show during the current medal qualification period. Riders who subsequently show 2’9” or higher during the current medal qualification period will no longer be eligible to ride in these medals and may not compete in the finals for these medals.

Rule 9.4 Group 2 Jumper Class Definitions and Specs will now permit any CHJA Jumper Divisions .85 and higher to be combined at the discretion of the Show Manager.

Rule 12.4 Colorado National Medal Finals Qualifications and Rule 12.5 Colorado National Medal Finals Class Format have been deleted and thus the Colorado National Medal Finals will no longer be held.

Rule Changes will take effect December 1, 2023. The 2024 Rule Book will be published in November and will be available on the CHJA Website. Please contact Carol OMeara at with questions.