CHJA Medal Finals

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The Colorado Hunter Jumper Association cordially invites you to join us October 7th through October 10th at the National Western Events Center in Denver. We encourage all members to attend and to cheer on all the Medal Finals contestants. Please plan on joining us Friday afternoon from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm for a pizza party in front of the Show Office. The Horsemanship Challenge written test will take place in conjunction with the party.

All phases of the medals will be individually pinned with ribbons 1st through 8th. Ribbons and prizes will be awarded to the overall final winners 1st through 8th. Warmups will be judged as hunter classes and pinned 1st through 6th. The Stirrup Class will be pinned 1st through 8th. We look forward to seeing all our members during the Finals.

Best of luck to all the 2021 CHJA Medal Finalists!



National Western is requiring a 3-day Temperature Log for each horse entering the facility.  The log form is attached.

Upon arrival, bring your log to the Show Office for inspection and to receive your stall assignment. Please do not unload horses until your log has been inspected. Thank you for your cooperation.


Foxcreek Horsemanship Challenge

  • Do you know your horse’s resting heart rate?
  • Can you correctly identify the parts of a horse?
  • Why is it important to post on the correct diagonal?

This is just a sample of the questions you might find on the written portion of this year’s Foxcreek Horsemanship Challenge. The Horsemanship Challenge is open to all Medal finals qualifiers who wish to participate. It is designed to test the overall horseman and covers many aspects of general horsemanship. Phase I is the written test that will be given Friday evening. Questions on the written test include topics relating to conformation, equipment, Hunter/Jumper/Equitation rules, and general horse care. The goal of the Horsemanship Challenge is to encourage everyone to learn more about basic horsemanship to promote a more educated, universal horseman. The top eight scorers from Phases I will go on to Phase II. This phase consists of a “hands-on” practicum. Participants will be asked to demonstrate basic horsemanship skills on a live horse. Safe horse handling, ease with the animal, and proper technique will be emphasized. Previous Horsemanship Challenge first place winners are not eligible to compete in the Challenge but are welcome to take the written test if they wish.

The Junior receiving the highest score on the written test will receive the Barbara Arkin Award

CLASS 108 Just a Little Farm Costume Equitation Class - Welcome all barns!

Here are the new and Great Revisions to the HORSELESS costume class and parade sponsored by Just A Little Farm scheduled for Friday night.

There will be three separately scored events. All three events will be judged. Top scoring team

in all three events win the trophy. The first two events will take place with all participants in costume and present on foot and the Gamblers will take place with 3-4 costumed participants. Each barn team may have more than one Gamblers team and the top scoring teams within the barns will be counted. As in most costume classes Bribes may or may not be accepted depending on the appropriate nature and desires of the judges

  1. Costume parade: All members of each barn team will participate in costume
  2. Tack room costume decor. All members of each team will present in costume.
  3. Gamblers choice. 3-4 members of each team will negotiate jumps set at different values. Each team must jump each jump together (at the same time). If anyone knocks down the jump point don’t count. Each jump may be jumped twice but only in the correct direction designated by the flags. All team members must cross the finish and start markers and 4 min. Will be given to each team. At the end of the round, one team member will be allowed to jump the joker jump set at 3’3”. If cleared the designated points will be added on to the score. If knocked down the designated amount will be deducted. Top scoring teams from each barn will determine the placing.

Points will be awarded in each event like this:

  • Winner accrues 20 points towards their team
  • Second place accrues 10 towards their team
  • Third place accrues 5 points toward their team
  • Fourth place accrues 1 point towards their team

Welcome all with a fun and team spirit

Good Luck and Please Have Fun

Tyler and Laurie Grayson


  • Mountain King Ranch 
  • Forest Edge Farm 
  • Equine Performance Integrative Care 
  • Niwot Nourish & Company 
  • Tasha Anderson


  • Horse d'oeuvres
  • The Grey Tail benefitting The Baco Fund 
  • Fox creek Tack
  • Colorado Hunter Jumper Foundation 


  • Foxcreek Tack + CWD Sellier 
  • Alta Hills Tack + Butet Selllier
  • The Grey Tail benefitting The Baco Fund 
  • Gold Crest Fine Tack



10/06/2021 to 10/10/2021

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Medal Finals

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Not USEF Rated


4655 Humbold Street
Denver, CO 80216


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