Rule 12.6 CHJA Medal Finals Qualifications

Rule 12.6 CHJA Medal Finals Qualifications

CHJA Medal Finals are restricted to qualified riders who have not participated in a Colorado National Medal Final, a Zone 8 Equitation Final, or a Regional Equitation Final during the current qualification period or during the current Medal Finals. Contestants who earn 12 points in any CHJA Junior Medal, CHJA Adult Medal, Col. R.L. Robertson Medal, Columbine Junior Medal, Columbine Adult Medal, CHJA Pony Medal, Larkspur Junior Medal, Larkspur Adult Medal or Ruth C. Ayres Medal will qualify for the medals finals of that medal. Points are based on the number of entries completing the class, not to include entries who compete but do not complete and will be awarded as follows:

  10+ riders completing 5-9 riders completing 4 riders completing 3 riders completing
1st 12 10 8 6
2nd 10 8 6 4
3rd 8 6 4 2
4th 6 4 2 -
5th 4 2 - -
6th 2 - - -

Once 25 or more points have been accumulated, riders may not participate in that medal class for the remainder of the current year.

Dorothy Roberts Memorial Medal - Contestants earning 12 points, OR the top ten earning points should less than ten riders have 12 points, will qualify for the medal finals. Points are awarded according to the chart above. Riders may continue to participate in this medal regardless of the number of points earned.

Stirrup Medal Class at Medal Finals - Riders must have competed in at least three Stirrup Equitation Classes or at least three Stirrup Medal Classes during the qualification period.