Rule 5. 5 Procedures

If an alleged violation is reported to the Show Standards Chairman or Committee, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. A Show Standards Committee Representative shall notify the alleged violator's immediately, and advise him or her of the alleged violation.
  2. The Show Standards Committee shall review the alleged violation and determine whether, if true, the conduct would constitute a violation of a CHJA rule.
  3. If the conduct, as alleged, would constitute a violation, the Show Standards Committee shall make any investigation that it deems appropriate to corroborate the violations or determine that they are without merit.
  4. If the Show Standards Committee makes a preliminary determination that the allegations have merit, a representative from the committee shall contact the alleged rule violator, advise him or her of the alleged violation, and ask for a response. The alleged violator shall be given a reasonable time to make a response.
  5. Upon receiving a response, the Show Standards Committee shall determine whether the alleged violation was committed and, if so, refer the matter to the Board, specifying the alleged violation and an appropriate sanction as set forth in these rules.
  6. The Board of Directors may invite witnesses to present testimony if appropriate.
  7. The Board will determine if the allegation has merit and, if so, the determination shall be made in writing and given to the person found to have committed the violation. The decision of the Board is final.